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Official Agenda

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Friday June 7th

Sponsored: Breakfast Seminar

Sandrine Malaison Tremblay, OD will explain how the Onefit™ MED advanced scleral lens design allows you to design the ideal scleral lens for highly irregular and medically indicated corneas, including a wide-range of ectasias (moderate to severe), as well as healthy corneas when a larger diameter is needed. With Onefit™ MED, you are in complete control of the design and fit, with the ability to customize parameter options in four fitting zones: Central, Mid-peripheral, Limbal and Edge. You can design the lens further with quadrant specific edge zones and the option to use the Controlled Peripheral Recess (CPR) technology when a precise recess is needed to accommodate any type of scleral elevation.

A warm welcome to GCOMM 2019 by:

Eddie Chow, OD, FIAO, Archie, OD (President)
Bruce Williams, OD, FIAO, IACLE.  (Vice-President)

Moderator: Eddie Chow

Presented by:

Dr. Stanley Woo, OD, MS, MBA. (GCOMM Advisor)

Moderator: Dr. Bruce Williams

Presented by:

Pat Caroline, COT, FCLSA.

Presented by:

Michael Lipson, OD, FAAO, FSLS.

Corneal Biomechanics As Applied To Orthokeratology: Putting all the puzzles together for effective lens design & myopia control.

Presented by:

Eddie Chow, OD, FAAOMC.

Presented by:

Jeffrey Cooper, MS, OD

Moderator: Pat Caroline


From Complexity to Simplicity

Speakers: Pat Caroline, Randy Kojima & Eddie Chow

This workshop will feature all the basic knowledge & principles of designing formats for effective orthokeratology in myopia management (US patent). We are sharing our past 35+ years of researches and practical experiences to help in reaching this goal.

(This workshop is designed for beginners & advance fitters)


Topographer data analysis to optimize OrthoTool lens designs

  • What can be done with CUSTOM design using your topographer
  • How to input data from your topographer into OrthoToolfor lens design
  • Analyzing data for optimal results

Corneal biomechanics as applied to orthokeratology

  • Static vs dynamic measurement of IOP
  • Hysteresis: viscosity & damping
  • Elasticity
  • Resistance factor: central corneal thickness
  • Biomechanics as related to age, ethnicity

Effective modern orthokeratology for successful ortho-k & myopia control

  • Understanding the peripheral defocus theory
  • Corneal tissue movement/migration in ortho-k
  • Munnerlyn Formula: related to tissue migration/movement and treatment zone to benefit treatment
  • Jessen Factor: how much we should target?

Understanding the forces applied in ortho-k & guided principles for lens designing (tear film diagrams to illustrate the force concept)

  • Compression force
  • Squeeze film & tension forces
  • Surface tension, small capillary forces
  • Aspheric back optical zone to generate extra forces & control of saggital height of fit
  • General theories for successful results: understanding the basic concepts & the functions of different curves & why CUSTOM design allows for better myopia control
  • Learning to identify the fluorescein patterns for effective resultsd

Introduction of OrthoTool (new upgrades with 10 curves)

  • Why the new software is superior for lens design & myopia control
  • The difference between proprietary & CUSTOM lens designs
  • Pushing the limits of conventional lens design
  • Learn how to design regular & multifocal SOFT & GP lenses (for myopia control)
  • Learn how to design reverse geometry lens for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia & post surgical corneas
  • Guided principles for lens design

Trouble Shooting


Saturday June 8th

Moderator: Bruce Williams

Seminar: Spectacle Lens Therapy in Myopia Management

Myopia prevalence in the Western world is on the rise. A recent Canadian study estimated that 6% of Canadian school children between the ages of 6-8 are myopic, with the number soaring to 28.9% in children aged 11-13*.  ZEISS Myopia Control spectacle lenses are proven to be a better solution than single vision or standard progressive lenses when it comes to managing myopia progression.

This session looks at several solutions in spectacle lens therapy including study results evaluating the effectiveness of both single vision but especially multifocal lenses in treating myopia.  It highlights two novel spectacle designs launched by ZEISS in 2018 that address the two main theories causing myopia progression: peripheral defocus theory and accommodative lag theory.

This seminar is presented by Dr. Jeff Goodhew.  Dr. Goodhew is a partner in Abbey Eye Care, a full scope independent practice located in Oakville, ON. He enjoys seeing all patients in a primary eye care setting but has developed several niche offerings including myopia control, glaucoma management & dry eye therapy.  Jeff is also very involved in the Optometry profession. He currently sits on the board of directors of the Ontario Association of Optometrists and served as president from 2014 – 2016. Along with his spouse Dr. Tina Goodhew they serve as co-editors of Canadian Eye Care Business Review.

* Reference: https://core.uwaterloo.ca/news/first-of-its-kind-study-illustrates-prevalence-of-myopia-in-canadian-children/

Seminar: Shaping the Future of Vision with Proactive Myopia Management

Understand the trends in myopia, the health risks associated with high myopia, and the importance of incorporating Orthokeratology into your practice as key strategy for myopia management.  With lenses on nearly two million eyes around the world,

Euclid Emerald™ is today’s most advanced orthokeratology lens design.  Join us to learn how you can incorporate Euclid Emerald orthokeratology in your practice today.

Presented by:

Randy Kojima, FAAO, FBCLA, FSLS, FIAO.

Moderator: Craig Norman

Moderator: Bruce Williams

Generously sponsored by Medmont

This educational session will cover the full spectrum on how to use the Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer in a Specialty Contact Lens practice. The various analysis options, when and why to use them will be reviewed. Disease detection indices and dry eye software will be discussed along with how to fit a wide variety of RGP lenses from the contact lens fitting software. The greatest emphasis will be placed on assessing orthokeratology candidacy and how to diagnose the effect following wear, as well as how to modify and improve the outcome based on topography maps.
One hour of Category B credit offered with this lecture.

Presented by:

Desmond Cheng, OD, PhD

Moderator: Craig Norman, FCLSA

Presented by honoured guest:

Dr. George Woo, OD MSc PhD LOSc FAAO FVCO HonFCOptom

COPE CE Credits Instructions

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Time: Saturday June 8

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